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I have been witness to a lot of changes over my 45 year radio career. Change is inevitable. It can be painful or exhilarating, but if viewed from the right perspective, it can also be a great teacher. This show is a place for you to share your stories and perhaps inspire someone else looking for answers. No one goes through change in a vacuum.

There are always lessons at the end of the road.     


Nov 1, 2019

In another lifetime, I played drums in a band called “Whalebone”.  Our lead guitarist/front man was a dynamic showman by the name of Dez Dickerson.  After leaving the band in 1974 to pursue my newfound radio passion, Dez hooked up with an up and coming phenom named Prince.  It has been fun, over the years, hearing him trade vocals on songs like “1999” and “Little Red Corvette” and watching him front his own band in the film “Purple Rain”.  I am happy we were able to finally reconnect.  What you are about to hear is the first time we have talked in 45 years!


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