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I have been witness to a lot of changes over my 45 year radio career. Change is inevitable. It can be painful or exhilarating, but if viewed from the right perspective, it can also be a great teacher. This show is a place for you to share your stories and perhaps inspire someone else looking for answers. No one goes through change in a vacuum.

There are always lessons at the end of the road.     




My story really began the day I graduated high school, the echo of countless high school counselors ringing through my head. Despite their warnings, I still had no idea of what I wanted to do with my life.

Since I had essentially defined my existence through music, I decided to pack up my drums and hit the road with a Rock n Roll band.  It didn't take long for the realities of life as a musician to take hold. Life on the road, sharing hotel rooms and a van with 2 other guys got old quickly. I found myself, once again, wondering what to do with my life.

My proverbial moment of clarity came the day I woke up in Rapid City South Dakota, our band booked to play 3 nights in a local watering hole called "The Mining Camp". Part of the agreement included an interview that afternoon on the local top 40 station. It was my first time in a radio station. From the records to the turntables, right down to the smell the equipment made, I loved everything about the experience! I walked out of the building a changed man, ruined for "regular" work for the rest of my life.

Within the next year I quit the band, graduated from radio school and moved to the wilds of Montana to begin my career. My travels took me through the midwest , where I fought through chest high snow drifts and 65 degree below zero wind chills. I developed a taste for Gumbo working in Janis Joplin's home town in South East Texas. Being on the air in Seattle turned me into a coffee snob. I knew what "moving town to town, up and down the dial" was about long before Howard Hessman became Dr. Johnny Fever.

Tiring of the gypsy lifestyle, my family moved to Portland in 1990. Since then I have worked at KGON, Earth 105. The Beat and KINK.  I now broadcast from my home studio in Portland Oregon for KYVL "The Valley".  You can hear me Monday thru Friday from 3pm till 7pm (Pacific)

Someone call my high school career counselor. I think he would be proud.