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I have been witness to a lot of changes over my 45 year radio career. Change is inevitable. It can be painful or exhilarating, but if viewed from the right perspective, it can also be a great teacher. This show is a place for you to share your stories and perhaps inspire someone else looking for answers. No one goes through change in a vacuum.

There are always lessons at the end of the road.     


Sep 19, 2021

Julie Sheetz has Covid.  What began over a year ago with a high temperature has degenerated into a nightmare of hospital visits, mounting bills and unanswered questions.  Please pass this episode along to anyone who refuses to get vaccinated or wear a mask. 

Jul 5, 2021

Jeff Hanley is the host of two of the most popular Jazz programs on Public Radio.   He joins me for an interesting hour that may have you thinking differently about how you run your life and career.  Rather than passively waiting, why not invite change into your life?

Jazz After Hours


May 25, 2021

To anyone listening to the radio in the 1990’s, the afternoon ride home was not complete without tuning in Craig the Dog Faced Boy and Pork Chop on KUFO.  They eventually broke up (Nothing lasts forever, especially in Radio) and the years following saw a lot of changes, especially for Noah Homsley aka Pork Chop. 


Mar 1, 2021

The words “Kids Stuff” are written in black magic marker on a cardboard box out in the garage.  It’s all about being in the moment but once in a while it’s fun to throw the box open and unpack the memories. 

Jan 25, 2021

Dwight Slade has always wanted to be a standup comedian.  Whether sneaking into comedy clubs as a teenager with his best friend Bill Hicks, hanging out in Los Angeles with Sam Kinison or taking high level meetings for TV development deals, his passion never dimmed.  But how does all that fit into a life that...